Outputs and Results

The project’s analysis delves into the core of EU policy, offering a comprehensive examination of the Returns and Readmissions policy across Europe. This output employs meticulous research and data-driven insights to elucidate the policy’s underlying rationale and development dynamics, thereby providing valuable insights for policymakers and researchers alike.

By evaluating state-level implementations, legal statuses, and provisions related to socio-economic rights, the project will present a strategic framework for developing fairer policies that uphold fundamental rights and address humanitarian concerns.

Utilising a combination of experimental and observational studies, the project will dissect public attitudes towards Returns and Readmissions (RR) policies. This research uncovers the influence of factors such as media consumption, political affiliations, and core values, contributing to more informed and inclusive policy discussions.

The project’s ethnographic approach sheds light on the realities of policy implementation on the ground by looking at how policy is ‘made’ through the day-to-day work of frontline agents.

Ethnographic research illuminates the experiences of migrants at risk of detention and deportation and the consequences of returns policy for society, while the Innovation Labs provide a collaborative platform for prioritising and developing enduring solutions.

The project will analyse and propose policies that transcend the scope of policy of return, exploring their development, underlying rationale, and feasibility for implementation. This output lays the groundwork for a policy toolkit that offers dignified and sustainable solutions to administrative irregularity.

Through targeted dissemination and active interaction with policymakers and stakeholders, the consortium will ensure that the insights derived from this project engender transformative changes in migration policies throughout Europe.

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